Aspiring coffee-professionals, welcome to your training ground.

For over a decade, Indonesia Coffee Academy have been turning coffee enthusiasts into coffee professionals. Our mission is to improve professional and personal development in coffee, powered by a deep interest and curiosity for beans found in Indonesia.

From coffee plantations to the perfect cup, our passion for coffee runs a long way. Our love for coffee have driven us to continuously find the ways to perfect the entire coffee-making process - from plantations to store, from roast to brew, from beans to cup. And we want nothing more than to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Our trainers and certified Q-Graders were trained here at the Academy and are recognized worldwide. Just like you, they started their journeys in coffee with a thirst for knowledge. At the Indonesia Coffee Academy, we believe that sharing knowledge and experience is equally important as serving the best coffee for your customers or even for yourself.


Class core values:

Well rounded

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with programs covering theories and practices in the right proportions.


We equip students with a basic knowledge that is targeted to enable them to go into practice immediately right after training.


We use coffee beans from many different places to get a broad spectrum flavors from around the world.

Perfect blend

Our well-experienced trainers and sophisticated equipment make the perfect blend for any coffee enthusiasts to engage in our coffee journey.

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